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Dubai Movers

Moving or relocation in Dubai is not any easy task. Families are on stake or in hard time because they don't […]

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Abu Dhabi Movers

Moving or relocation in Abu Dhabi is not any easy task. Families are on stake or in hard time because they […]

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Ras Al khaimah Movers

Moving or relocation in Ras al khaimah is not any easy task. Families are on stake or in hard time because […]

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House furniture packers movers Abu Dhabi. Cheap and quality moving service in Abu Dhabi. Storage service in Abu Dhabi. Dawn movers Abu Dhabi is a very professional company in moving industry. We


Renting a new home or apartment? We are Dawn Movers moving your home and apartments. We have every thing to do the moving for you. Like packing materials and boxes. The most important is we do not charge extra or high cost for moving.

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In every moving event you would like to know the cost of movers and packers and their extra costs. The movers and packers quote will never let you know from others. However we always send you precise moving quote for your apartment and house moving. Specially we define you about our packing charges, labor charges and Truck rental charges with your belongings. 

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Movers and packers packing services


The rating of packing materials we use is always 100%. Because we only need our customers satisfaction which helps us stand and stay in movers and packers market in the long run. Therefore we do not compromise with any packing material and its quality. 

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Moving is now easy with The Dawn Movers UAE. Develop with high class moving labor. Our company offers unmatched services to you. Furthermore we avoid taking bad experience for example damages of belongings. When you get a Quote for movers from us. You will understand us in first instance. Why we are different and cost effective. 

Storage services for moving


Storage is an advantage to you when renting to a new place like house or apartment. Or an office. We deliver you best services like truck rental for moving your belongings for storage purpose. The storage places we have are with high class security cameras. A guard always available to secure the premises. And the place is hygienic and pest control applies every 3 month.

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Fast delivery

Movers and packers are the services with takes time and deliver belongings. However we do it quite fast with our best management. We have extra labors to attend and serve customers with extra fast delivery services at your new place. We know you are in haste because of your tenancy contract end.

item inspection

A most important of our service is our inspection we do of your belongings. Like the before damaged things. We take care of every thing we inspect and after moving damages. Therefore our customer lists improves with happy and satisfaction.

boxing service

High class boxes are purchased. The cost of boxes are always available in our quote we give you. Therefore you can estimate your spends and save alot when you desire.

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